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Printing machine configuration: 
Heating time :30 - 45 minutes, the heating power :35 - 40kw. Normal use, you can save more than 60% energy (using SCR heating system). 
Host with domestic Shanghai high temperature blankets. 
We use high-quality host wallboard GB Ma steel 10mm thick. Made by laser cutting. 
Our main roller made ??of high quality steel plate 16mm thick GB horse. The volumes, welding, finishing outside the inner bore grinding fundamentals. 
The bottom frame using steel welded synthetic GB Cao, following a unique triangle faory welded reinforcement. Ensure that the whole of smoothness. 
Vice roller .ion of high quality cold drawn seamless steel pipe.shaft with profiles, using baking sets of interference, cool grinding fine cars, raised forged handle shaft. 
Into the fabric frame length 4m (excluding ramp). Width 1980x height 1.2m. Glazed bay three (glass from the distribution), aive roll several pieces. PVC 
Conveyor rewind one. Belt adjustment correing rod 2, the drive roller several pieces, with frequency reducer individually control the speed can be adjusted. 
The machine is equipped with two rollers placed flowers, paper flowers 2 to close to close full speculate 2, filled with speculation after the balance sheet roll 2. 
Elerical parts: The machine for the domestic low-voltage elerical "Chint" brand. 
Main drive part of the .ion: RV90 dire-attached motor.reducer, ratio by the inverter through to freely adjust the speed of vehicles. 
Procurement faory machine: free installation, free debugging, free training, the whole year sales



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